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The kind of commercial Doritos won’t like to promote

Are there any fans of Doritos around? because of there are this commercial will make them think twice before opening another bag of those delicious snacks. Doritos uses palm tree oil to make those crispy flavoured crisps that everyone is dying for. This means it is using too much palm trees and it is destroying […]

Find out how complicated it is to arrange a deck of cards

A deck of cards can be used in various ways. Most use it to play cards while others use it to create magic or to fool people. However did you ever wonder how may cards are there in a deck and in how many possibilities there are when you want to arrange them? The answer […]

Check out how Facebook commercials would have looked in the 90s?

Facebook is a thing of the present it is considered to be an innovation and in matter of social networks this is the biggest project we have so far. Created in order to connect people who have things in common and share common friends in their list, Facebook rapidly grew from a simple network to […]

Cats have a real paradise inside this man’s home

There are two kinds of people out there. There are dog lovers and cat lovers and each of this category has its own particularities. Yes, you can pretty much classify people according to these choices because this says a lot about their character. This man is clearly a cat person and apparently the biggest feline […]

Crow demonstrates just how intelligent it is by solving a puzzle

Crows are birds that usually inhabit our cities and they are present pretty much everywhere. They have their distinctive colour that being black and their distinctive beak. They are highly intelligent in comparison to other birds and they can easily adapt to the environment. Studies have shown that they not only adapt to an environment […]

This crow can solve a puzzle through understanding water displacement

It seems impossible when you think that a bird can be as smart as a person or as a child. Crows these birds we often chase out of our cities, happen to be very intelligent and they are quick learners too. These birds have a keen sense of observation which is how they get to […]

Find out exactly how small an atom really is

With the modern equipment and technique we are able to measure pretty much everything. This also means we get to measure the smallest particles that compose the tissues that we have on or around us. This video will demonstrate to you just how little the atom is. This is very good science project so pay […]