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Suarez, James, Bale And Benzema are part of teh latest Adidas ad called “There Will Be Haters”

Adidas is one of the biggest sport equipment producers in the world. There is not one country or one person not to have heard of this lebel. It has been copied by thousand of companies and fake products are found pretty much everywhere. Adidas is such a big brand that in some countries there are shoes that are called after that name. This commercial presents four major athletes and players, Suarez, James, Bale And Benzema who present the perks in the life of a sportman. They have to endure some sacrifices but everything is worth it once you reach the top. This ad states that there will be haters in what you do especially if you are good at it. But this mustn’t bring you down, you just have to keep on going.

What are your thoughts about it?