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These elves are up to naughty things (NSFW)

When you think about elves you either think about the elves from Lord of the Rings or the elves that are helping Santa to deliver presents to children on Christmas Eve. These mythological creatures appear in different cultures under different symbols and meanings, some ofd them are positive while others are negative and migtht tempt […]

Here is a 2014 break down in only 4 minutes

Last year was an interesting year in media history politics and economy, many changes took place and we can say that some of these will remain as important milestones in history which we actually witnessed. Depending on how you regard it, 2014 was a good or bad year if youare talking in persoanl terms it […]

How can hamsters put so much food in their cheeks?

Hamsters are so cute and fuzzy they are almost the perfect pets but their shoirt life expectancy is their only fault. Hamsters make good first pets in order to teach your children with the responsability of taking care of one little soul. hamsters are cute looking but they have one mean eating habit that made […]

How did Starbucks get their logo?

If you don’t know this brand’s name yet means you are not a fan of coffee. Starbucks is one of the most advertised brands of cafe shops and coffee stores in the world. It has cafes all over the world in capitals and big cities and it has a specific look the brand is pushing. […]

A Chinese student made this cool animation called Heat vs. Repulsion

People who study at the fine arts college are usually really talented and have an eye for the artistic side of life. Many of those students have side projects and work on their artistic abilities. they will become great artists when their studies are done also because they do a lot of practice every day. […]

Here is scientific proof that meditation is good for you

We have heard about meditation before but most of you are probably asking whether what we heard of is true. Is meditation actually benefic for your body does it actyually do anythinhg or is it just a trend? Meditation has been known and noted about for a very long time, we have heard about it […]

This is a compilation of pranks that won’t make your heart stop

Usually when we talk about pranks we take into consideration that one person is being pranked and others are planning the plot and action. This is pretty much the definition of a prank or a practical joke. This implies that people will agree to prank a person and hopefully that person won’t get mad. Some […]